Alpine CDA-9813R Car Stereo System User Manual

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Connect a separately sold junction box and a portable telephone
(available from Nokia) to control the incoming and outgoing calls of
the portable telephone.
Even with hands-free operation, a driver can be distracted during
telephone operation or receiving a call. For the sake of safety,
drivers are requested to refrain from operating the telephone while
For the sake of safety, only incoming calls and Speed-Dial
outgoing calls can be operated.
If a portable telephone is connected, its address book, incoming
and outgoing history are downloaded to the junction box.
Please refer to the instruction manual of the junction box.
Telephone Mode ON/OFF
Press and hold BAND/TEL. for at least 2 seconds
to turn on the Telephone mode.
To turn off, press BAND/TEL.
See relevant pages for each item.
When a portable telephone is not connected, press and hold
BAND/TEL. for at least 2 seconds. NO PHONE is displayed for
about 2 seconds, then the mode returns to the original source
When the portable telephone is taken off the junction box during an
incoming or outgoing call, or during a hands-free call, the call will
be treated as an ordinary one by the portable telephone.
When there is an incoming call while the power of CDA-9815RB/
CDA-9813R/CDA-9812RX/CDA-9811R is off, the power of CDA-
9815RB/CDA-9813R/CDA-9812RX/CDA-9811R will turn on
automatically for a hands-free call.
Even if the power of the portable telephone is off, when CDA-
9815RB/CDA-9813R/CDA-9812RX/CDA-9811R is set to Telephone
mode, the power of the portable telephone will be turned on.
Even if the ACC power of the vehicle is turned off (even if the
engine is stopped) during a hands-free call, the call is not
disconnected, and an ordinary call by the portable telephone is
If there is an incoming call during operation (except an outgoing
call or talking), operation mode will end and switch to the
incoming or talking mode.
Preset buttons
(1 through 6)
f g
Rotary encoder
An outgoing call from a portable telephone is also possible.
However, you cannot perform different operations at the same time
from a portable telephone and CDA-9815RB/CDA-9813R/CDA-
9812RX/CDA-9811R as malfunction can result.
With a junction box connected outgoing, incoming, and sending
history will also be recorded in the portable telephone.
While telephoning, defeat is set to ON. When the call has finished,
the unit returns to your previous setting.
The telephone volume can be adjusted on the CDA-9815RB/CDA-
9813R/CDA-9812RX/CDA-9811R. The volume you set during the
call is memorized, and is automatically applied again on the next
While telephoning or receiving incoming calls, press TITLE to
show the Network Operator display for 5 seconds.
Incoming Calls
Press :/J to receive an incoming call.
Press BAND/TEL. to finish a call.
Telephone mode will end and return to the original source
When the Automatic Calling mode is on, you can talk after 3
seconds of receiving the incoming call.
The incoming call can be switched to Automatic Calling or Manual
1 Press and hold F/SETUP for at least 3 seconds.
2 Select the Telephone mode by pressing g or f.
3 Press BAND/TEL. to change to AUTO or MANUAL
4 Press F/SETUP to return to normal mode.
Press BAND/TEL. during an incoming call to disconnect it.