Bogen MCPB Car Speaker User Manual

TWK351 and TWK354 Two-Wire Call-in Options
The TWK351 (Series 115B, 2223R) and TWK354 (Series 2233R) are used only with the CA10A Call-in Switches to
allow light annunciated call-in with 2-conductor shielded cable. Refer to Figure 5.
Note: Do not use SCR25A with 2-wire call-in. Refer to MP35A Installation Manual.
MCPB Program Control Panel
The Bogen Model MCPB is a program control panel designed to operate with Bogen Series 2233R Centralized
School Sound Systems. It includes input and pre-amplification facilities, as well as monitoring control for a separately
amplified program channel (Channel B). The panel interfaces with the Bogen Model MCP35A Master Control Panel
(which provides the Channel A program facilities and MCPB power supply), the SBA325 room selector and annunci-
ator panels (used to place selected speakers on the A or B program busses, or select intercom function) and a sep-
arate Channel B program amplifier.
The MCPB includes inputs for two Lo-Z microphones and an auxiliary program source (e.g., CD player/receiver).
Rear panel mounted input gain controls are provided to adjust the input level of each source. Phantom power is
available for the microphone inputs, selectable with a printed circuit board jumper (see page 11).
Selection of the Channel B program source is by simple push button operation, following the color-coded guide-
lines. A two-position switch (MONITOR A/B) allows selective monitoring of either program channel through the
built-in monitor speaker on the MCP35A control panel. A level control and LED meter are provided to adjust and
visually monitor the level.
A special All-Call feature overrides the Channel B bus when the MCP35A is used to make emergency announce-
ments, telephone pages, or All-Call announcements.
Interconnection with the MCP35A, SBA325 room selector panels, and Channel B program amplifier are easily
accomplished. The panel is finished to match the associated sound system equipment and uses only one rack space.
Figure 5 - Wiring Diagram, 2-Wire Call-In Modification