Bosch Appliances VIP Car Video System User Manual

Video | VIP X1600 XF Modular High-performance Video Encoder
VIP X1600 XF Modular High-performance
Video Encoder
u Up to 16 video input channels
u Modular and expandable with hot-swappable video
u Direct or network-attached iSCSI RAID
u Intelligent video motion detection and camera
tampering detection on encoder modules
u ONVIF conformant
The Bosch VIP X1600 XF is a modular, high-
performance CCTV video encoder system. Each
VIP X1600 XF is a 4 x 4 unit that accommodates up to
four hot-swappable modules, allowing modules to be
added or exchanged at any time without interrupting
transmission to the other modules’ channels.
The VIP‑X1600‑XFB base system provides two 1 Gbps
Ethernet ports on the front and an additional 1 Gbps
Ethernet port on the rear. This provides a greater
choice of network connectivity and allows for easier
inside-rack cabling like, for example, direct connection
to an iSCSI storage array. This base system also
features a 1 Gbps small form-factor pluggable (SFP)
slot on the front, for example, for an optical
transceiver to enable direct fiber connection to a
remote network. For applications not benefiting from
these advanced features the VIP‑X1600‑B base system
is available that just provides two 1 Gbps Ethernet
ports, one on the front and one on the rear.
The VIP X1600 XF H.264 main profile encoder modules
(VIP‑X1600‑XFM4A/XFM4B) deliver real-time H.264
compressed video over IP, providing two independent
streams per camera with full frame rate at best quality
for different purposes, like one stream for live viewing
with lowest delay while the second stream is
optimized for requiring only little recording space. In
addition they are equipped with a hardware-
accelerator for VCA functions, bringing “Intelligence-at-
the-Edge” to the next level. A module version
supporting BILINX communication over coax cable is
also available.
View the video on a PC using Bosch’s comprehensive
video management system, with or without Bosch’s
IntuiKey keyboard. Alternatively, use a Web browser.
These high-performance, multi-channel devices with
iSCSI Recording-at-the-Edge, offer top-of-the-line
Video-over-IP performance for CCTV today. Designed
for reliability, VIP X1600 XF features hot-swappable
video modules, dual redundant power supply inputs,
and redundant network ports.
The Bosch VideoSDK provides the means to integrate
VIP X1600 XF with other video management systems.