DCM Speakers 21A6276 Car Speaker User Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of DCM Loudspeakers. Your new speakers
represent the latest technologies in loudspeaker design and manufacturing. They
will provide outstanding performance and years of listening enjoyment. Please
take time to read through this manual thoroughly to insure you get maximum
performance out of your new loudspeakers.
• Video shielding for placement near a TV or monitor
• 1/2" Balanced dome tweeter
• 3 1/2" Midrange w/polypropylene cone
• Spring loaded push terminals (Cinema1)
• Gold plated 5-way binding posts (Cinema2)
• Black injection molded plastic cabinets
• High efficiency amplifier
• Bass reflex enclosure with low noise vents
• Adjustable low-pass crossover frequency
• Automatic signal-sensing ON/OFF
Typical Loudspeaker Placement
Figure 1 illustrates the most generally accepted speaker locations for a home the-
ater system. Although there are an infinite number of set up options using Figure
1 as a template will certainly provide a great starting point. Experimentation with
slightly different speaker locations may provide improved performance in your
specific listening environment.
The front left and right speakers should form a 45 degree triangle using the center
seating position as the apex.
The surround speakers should be placed beside the listening area, and pointed
towards each other. It is also recommended that the speakers be 2-3 feet above
the listeners head.
Left/Center/Right Front Speaker Height
One of the most important parameters for the left/center/right front speakers in
a home theater system is height. Figure 2 shows the ideal arrangement of the
speakers in relation to the viewing screen: all three speakers are aligned on the
same horizontal plane. This establishes a firm image height when special audio
effects are panned from one side to the other, such as a speeding car moving
across the screen. When a large discontinuity occurs between the heights of the
center front channel and the left/right front speakers, as depicted in Figure 3, the
visual image of the moving object becomes confused and somewhat unnatural
due to shifts in image height.
Cinema2 Subwoofer
Driver Compliment
Woofer- 10" high excursion woofer
Amplifier- 100 watts peak output
Crossover Frequency: continuously variable 40Hz-180Hz
Frequency Response: 45Hz - 200Hz (±3dB)
Hi-pass subsonic filter: 18dB per octave below 30Hz
Enclosure: tuned port design
Weight: 29 lbs.
Dimensions: 15 7/8” H X 14” W X 15 1/8” D
Your speakers are designed to work with a wide range of electronic components.
As little as 20 watts per channel can provide enough power for most applications.
If you have a large room or prefer louder listening levels, more power may be
Caution: When choosing an amplifier, do not exceed the power
rating of the speaker. If you hear very high levels of audible dis-
tortion you are exceeding the capabilities of the system. Damage
can occur from this distortion, turn the volume back down until the
distortion disappears.
Use the following guidelines to maintain the appearance of your speakers. Use
a soft, damp cloth to clean the speaker cabinet. Avoid using harsh detergents or
cleaning fluids. Remove the grills to vacuum and remove dust. Do not vacuum
any of the speaker components, permanent damage could occur.
For additional technical assistance you can visit our website at
www.dcmspeakers.com. Otherwise, our technical service representatives can be
reached by phone: 1-800-DCM-LOUD or by email: technical@dcmspeakers.com.
All Cinema1 and Cinema2 satellites and center channel speakers purchased in the
United States from an authorized DCM dealer are guaranteed against defects in
material and workmanship for a period ten years (one year for Cinema1 and Cinema2
subwoofers) from the date purchased by the end user, and limited to the original retail
purchaser of the product.
DCM disclaims any liability for other incurred damages resulting from product defects.
Any expenses incurred in the removal and reinstallation of product is not covered by
this warranty. DCM's total liability will not exceed the purchase price of the product.
This warranty is valid in the United States only.
Proof of purchase is required when requesting service, so please retain your sales receipt
and take a moment to register your warranty on line @www.dcmspeakers.com.