GE ZX48CTYSS Car Stereo System User Manual

36" and 48" Grill Cart Assembly
Step 3:
Mount Grill
on Assembled
CAUTION: Lock front caster on the cart to
prevent movement.
See Installation instructions packed with the
grill. Remove packaging, drip tray, smoker
tray, burner grates and parts box.
CAUTION: The grill is extremely heavy. 2
people are required to lift and place the grill
onto the cart.
• Carefully, lower the grill onto the cart. The
grill should be behind the lip on the front of
the cart.
• Check to be sure the grill rests securely and
fits square on the cart. The screw holes at the
front and back should be aligned.
Step 4:
Secure Grill
to Cart
• Install 3 screws along the front and 3 screws
along the back with a phillips head screw-
• Re-install long screws previously removed in
the top of each front slide.