JVC GR-SX851 Camcorder User Manual

Using The Cassette Adapter
Compact video cassette
Compartment door
Recording safety hole
Sliding latch
Cassette Adapter (VHS Playpak)
Use this to play back an S-VHS-C/VHS-C video cassette
recorded with this camcorder on a VHS VCR. It is fully
compatible with any S-VHS/VHS video cassette recorder.
The C-P7U adapter is battery powered and automatically
performs tape loading and unloading.
Slide the battery cover up to remove it, install one
“AA (R6)” size battery as shown, then reattach the
Slide the latch to open the adapter compartment
door, then insert the cassette and close the compart-
ment door.
Load the cassette adapter into the VCR and play the
tape back as you would any other.
Slide the latch and the compartment door opens
automatically. This may take around 10 seconds. Do
not attempt to force the adapter open. Then, insert
your finger in the hole on the underside of the
adapter as shown in the illustration at left, and push
up and remove the cassette.
During tape loading and unloading, do not touch the
reels for safety and tape protection.
Tapes recorded in S-VHS or S-VHS ET mode cannot be
played back on a regular VHS VCR. Playback is possible
with a VCR equipped with the S-VHS or SQPB (S-VHS
QUASI PLAYBACK) function (GR-SXM320/SX851 only).
During special-effect playback (slow motion, still frame,
etc.), the picture may vibrate or noise bars may appear
on the screen.
To record on a VCR using a compact cassette and the
adapter, cover the adapter’s recording safety hole with
adhesive tape.