Pioneer DEH-P640 Car Stereo System User Manual

Built-in CD Player
Playing a CD
These are the basic steps necessary to play a
CD with your built-in CD player. More advanced
CD operation is explained starting on page 17.
1 TRACK NUMBER indicator
Shows the track currently playing.
2 PLAY TIME indicator
Shows the elapsed playing time of the cur-
rent track.
1 Press OPEN to open the front panel.
CD loading slot appears.
• After inserting a CD, press SOURCE to select
the built-in CD player.
2 Insert a CD into the CD loading slot.
Playback will automatically start.
CD loading slot
EJECT button
• You can eject a CD by pressing EJECT.
• To avoid a malfunction, make sure that no
metal object comes into contact with the front
panel is open.
3 After a CD has been inserted, close the
front panel.
4 Use
VOLUME to adjust the sound level.
Rotate to increase or decrease the volume.
5 To perform fast forward or reverse, press
and hold 2or 3.
6 To skip back or forward to another track,
press 2or 3.
Pressing 3 skips to the start of the next track.
Pressing 2 once skips to the start of the current
track. Pressing again will skip to the previous
• The built-in CD player plays one, standard,
12-cm or 8-cm (single) CD at a time. Do not
use an adapter when playing 8-cm CDs.
• Do not insert anything other than a CD into
the CD loading slot.
• When CD TEXT disc is inserted, lights.
• If you cannot insert a disc completely or if
after you insert a disc the disc does not play,
check that the label side of the disc is up.
Press EJECT to eject the disc, and check the
disc for damage before inserting the disc
• If the built-in CD player does not operate prop-
erly, an error message such as ERROR-11 may
be displayed. Refer to Understanding built-in
CD player error messages on page 40.