Pioneer DEH-P640 Car Stereo System User Manual

Multi-CD Player
3 Press 1 numbered button to select the
desired character type.
Press 1 numbered button repeatedly to switch
between the following character type:
Alphabet (Upper case), Numbers and Symbols
Alphabet (Lower case)
• You can select to input Numbers and Symbols
by pressing 2 numbered button.
4 Press 5 or to select a letter of the alpha-
Each press of 5 will display a letter of the alpha-
bet in A B C ... X Y Z, numbers and symbols in 1 2
3 ... @ # < order. Each press of will display a
letter in the reverse order, such as Z Y X ... C B A
5 Press 3 to move the cursor to the next
character position.
When the letter you want is displayed, press 3
to move the cursor to the next position and then
select the next letter. Press 2 to move back-
wards in the display.
6 Move the cursor to the last position by
pressing 3after entering the title.
When you press 3 one more time, the entered
title is stored in memory.
7 Press
BAND/ESC to return to the playback
• Titles remain in memory, even after the disc
has been removed from the magazine, and
are recalled when the disc is reinserted.
• After data for 100 discs has been stored in
memory, data for a new disc will overwrite the
oldest one.
Displaying disc titles
You can display the title of any disc that has had
a disc title entered.
Press DISPLAY repeatedly to switch between
the following settings:
PLAYBACK MODE (play time)—Disc Title (disc
When you select Disc Title, the title of the cur-
rently playing disc is shown in the display.
• If no title has been entered for the currently
playing disc, NO TITLE is displayed.
Selecting discs from the disc title list
Disc title list lets you see the list of disc titles
that have been entered into the multi-CD player
and select one of them to playback.
1 Press FUNCTION to select T.LIST.
Press FUNCTION until disc title appears in the
2 Press 2 or 3to scroll through the list of
titles that have been entered.
• If no title has been entered for a disc, NO
D-TITLE will be displayed.
3 Press 5 to play your favorite CD title.
That selection will begin to play.