Pioneer DEH-P640 Car Stereo System User Manual

Multi-CD Player
Using CD TEXT functions
You can use these functions only with a CD TEXT
compatible multi-CD player.
Some discs have certain information encoded
on the disc during manufacture. These discs
may contain such information as the CD title,
track title, artist’s name and playback time and
are called CD TEXT discs. Only these specially
encoded CD TEXT discs support the functions
listed below.
Displaying titles on CD TEXT discs
Press DISPLAY when playing a CD TEXT disc
from the multi-CD player.
Press DISPLAY repeatedly to switch between
the following settings:
PLAYBACK MODE (play time)—Disc Title (disc
title)—Disc Artist Name (disc artist name)—
Track Title (track title)—T-Artist Name (track
artist name)
• If specific information has not been recorded
on a CD TEXT disc, NO XXXX will be displayed
(e.g., NO Track Title).
Scrolling titles in the display
This unit can display the first 16 letters only of
Disc Title, Disc Artist Name, Track Title and T-
Artist Name. When the recorded information is
longer than 16 letters, you can scroll the text to
the left so that the rest of the title can be seen.
Press DISPLAY and hold until the title begins
to scroll to the left.
The rest of the title will appear in the display.
Using compression and bass
You can use these functions only with a multi-CD
player that supports them.
Using COMP (compression) and DBE (dynamic
bass emphasis) functions let you adjust the
sound playback quality of the multi-CD player.
Each of the functions have a two-step adjust-
ment. The COMP function balances the output
of louder and softer sounds at higher volumes.
DBE boosts bass levels to give playback a fuller
sound. Listen to each of the effects as you select
through them and use the one that best
enhances the playback of the track or CD that
you are listening to.
1 Press
FUNCTION to select COMP.
FUNCTION until Comp/DBE appears in
the display.
• If the multi-CD player does not support
COMP/DBE, No Comp is displayed when you
attempt to select it.
2 Press 5 or to select your favorite setting.
Press 5 or repeatedly to switch between the
following settings:
Comp OFFComp 1Comp 2Comp OFF