Pioneer DEH-P640 Car Stereo System User Manual

Audio Adjustments
• If you switch the SFEQ mode, the H.P.F. func-
tion is automatically switched off. By switch-
ing the H.P.F. function on after selecting the
SFEQ mode, you can combine H.P.F. function
with SFEQ function.
Using balance adjustment
You can select a fader/balance setting that pro-
vides an ideal listening environment in all occu-
pied seats.
1 Press AUDIO
to select Fad.
AUDIO until Fad appears in the display.
• If the balance setting has been previously
adjusted, Bal will be displayed.
2 Press 5 or to adjust front/rear speaker
Each press of 5 ormoves the front/rear
speaker balance towards the front or the rear.
Fad F15 Fad R15 is displayed as the front/rear
speaker balance moves from front to rear.
Fad 0 is the proper setting when only two
speakers are used.
• When the rear output setting is Rear SP:S.W,
you cannot adjust front/rear speaker balance.
Refer to Setting the rear output and subwoofer
controller on page 34.
3 Press 2 or 3to adjust left/right speaker
When you press 2 or 3, Bal 0 is displayed. Each
press of 2 or 3moves the left/right speaker
balance towards the left or the right.
Bal L9 Bal R9 is displayed as the left/right
speaker balance moves from left to right.
Using the equalizer
The graphic equalizer lets you adjust the equal-
ization to match car interior acoustic character-
istics as desired.
Recalling equalizer curves
There are seven stored equalizer curves which
you can easily recall at any time. Here is a list of
the equalizer curves:
Display Equalizer curve
SUPER BASS Super bass
CUSTOM1,2 Custom1,2
CUSTOM1 and CUSTOM2 are adjusted equal-
izer curve.
• A separate CUSTOM1 curve can be created
for each source. (The Built-in CD player and
Multi-CD player are set to the same Equalizer
Curve Adjustment setting automatically.)
• If you make adjustments when a curve other
than CUSTOM2 is selected, the equalizer curve
settings are memorized in CUSTOM1.
•A CUSTOM2curve can be created common to
all sources.
• If you make adjustments when the CUSTOM2
curve is selected, the CUSTOM2 curve is
• When FLAT is selected no supplement or
correction is made to the sound. This is useful
to check the effect of the equalizer curves by
switching alternatively between FLAT and a set
equalizer curve.