Pioneer DEH-P640 Car Stereo System User Manual

Audio Adjustments
Using the high pass filter
When you do not want low sounds from the
subwoofer output frequency range to play from
the front or rear speakers, switch the HPF (high
pass filter) on. Only frequencies higher than
those in the selected range are output from the
front and rear speakers.
1 Press
AUDIO to select HPF.
AUDIO until HPF appears in the display.
2 Press 5to turn high pass filter on.
HPF 80 Hz appears in the display. High pass
filter is now on.
• To turn high pass filter off, press .
3 Press 2 or 3to select a high pass filter
Press 2 and HPF 50 Hz is displayed. Press 3
and 125 Hz is displayed. Only frequencies higher
than those in the selected range are output
from the front or rear speakers.
• If you switch the SFEQ mode, the H.P.F. func-
tion is automatically switched off. By switch-
ing the H.P.F. function on after selecting the
SFEQ mode, you can combine H.P.F. function
with SFEQ function.
Adjusting source levels
SLA (Source level adjustment) lets you adjust
the volume level of each source to prevent radi-
cal changes in volume when switching between
• Settings are based on the volume level of the
FM tuner, which remains unchanged.
1 Compare the FM tuner volume level with
the level of the source you wish to adjust (e.g.,
built-in CD player).
2 Press AUDIO to select SLA.
Press AUDIO until SLA appears in the display.
3 Press 5 or to adjust the source volume.
Each press of 5 or increases or decreases
the source volume.
SLA +4 SLA –4 is displayed as the source
volume is increased or decreased.
• Since the FM tuner volume is the control, it is
not possible to apply source level adjustments
to the FM tuner.
• The AM tuner volume level can also be
adjusted with source level adjustments.
• The built-in CD and the multi-CD players are
both set to the same source level adjustment
volume automatically.
• External unit 1 and External unit 2 are set to
the same volume adjustment setting automat-