Pioneer DEH-P640 Car Stereo System User Manual

Additional Information
CD-R/CD-RW discs
• Normal playback of CD-R/CD-RW discs other
than those recorded with a music CD recorder
may not be possible.
• Playback of music CD-R/CD-RW discs, even
those recorded with a music CD recorder, may
not be possible with this product due to disc
characteristics or scratches or dirt on the
disc. Dirt or condensation on the lens inside
this product may also prevent playback.
• Titles and other text information recorded on a
CD-R/CD-RW disc may not be displayed by
this product.
• This product conforms to the track skip func-
tion of the CD-R/CD-RW disc. The tracks con-
taining the track skip information are skipped
over automatically.
• If you insert a CD-RW disc into this product,
time to playback will be longer than when you
insert a conventional CD or CD-R disc.
• Read the precautions with the CD-R/CD-RW
discs before using.
Understanding built-in CD player
error messages
When problems occur during CD play an error
message may appear on the display. If an error
message appears on the display refer to the
table below to see what the problem is and the
suggested method of correcting the problem. If
the error cannot be corrected, contact your
dealer or your nearest Pioneer Service Center.
Message Cause Action
ERROR-11, 12,
17, 30
Dirty disc Clean disc.
ERROR-11, 12,
17, 30
Scratched disc Replace disc.
ERROR-14 Unrecorded CD. Check the disc.
ERROR-10, 11,
12, 14, 17, 30,
Electrical or
Turn the ignition
ON and OFF, or
switch to a
different source,
then back to the
CD player.
ERROR-44 All tracks are
skip tracks
Replace disc.