Sharp PN-Y425 Car Video System User Manual

Command-based control
You can control the monitor using RS-232C commands
(see page 36) via terminal software and other appropriate
Read the manual for the terminal software for detailed
(1) Connect the PC to the monitor.
1. Specify the IP address and data port number (xed at
“10008”), and connect the PC to the monitor.
When connection has been established successfully,
Login:] is returned as response.
2. Enter the user name and password.
(The default settings are blank.)
(2) Send commands to control the monitor.
The commands used are the same as those for RS-
232C. Refer to the communication procedure (see
page 32) for operation.
Usable commands are provided in the RS-232C
command table (see page 36).
(3) Disconnect the connection with the monitor and
quit the function.
1. Send [BYE ].
When the transmission is successful, [goodbye] is
returned and the connection is disconnected.
The connection is automatically disconnected if there is no
communication for about 5 minutes.
Controlling the Monitor with a PC (LAN)