Audiovox CE-300 Car Speaker User Manual

IMPORTANT- This system is designed for Univenal Installation of many different Manufacturen equipment. When
required, specific instructions or templates included in this package are provided when the Universal Mounting Method is
not applicable.
I. Selection of the Mounting Area
Note: Specific templates are included for J.I. Case Model 580K equipment. Use universal template for John Deere, Caterpillar,
Fiatallis and other manufacturers.
A. This product is designed for overhead (roof) mounting in vehicles where a dash mounted radio is not practical. The usual
application includes construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and others provided they have an enclosed cab.
B. Since the product is to be mounted overhead, special consideration should be given to placement,accessibility for use and
safety .As for placement the unit should be centered above the operator and slightly forward. Accessibility to the radio's controls
and functions is necessary, so the unit should be located within reach. Safety cannot be ignored. Usage must be not distract the
operator any more than a conventional dash mounted unit would. Also since the unit is to be mounted overhead. you must
consider it as a normal obstruction that the operator could come in contact with. This is especially true in vehicles that normally
operate off road.
C. With the three previous main considerations examined, you should now select the mounting area. The final consideration is
mechanical mounting capabiltiy. Examine the mounting illustration and verify the selected area is suitable for drilling of the
two bolt holes, wiring access etc. Use the template provided to verify sufficient space exists on the mounting area to accept the
2. Pre-InstalIlation Checks
A. Determine the cab roof structure. It is like Fig. A, Fig. B, or Fig. C.
B. If it is like Fig. A, you must install the CE-31 00 as shown in Fig. I
C.1f it is like Fig. B, you must install the CE-31 00 as shown in Fig. 2
C.1f it is like Fig. C. you must install the CE-3100 as shown in Fig. 3
3. Antenna Installation (Roof Mounting)
A. The universal antenna may be mounted on the top of the roof or on the side of the cab. Refer to the instructions included with
the antenna for side mounting.
to insure a leak proof mount.
B. AI\vavs mount the antenna within reach of the radio (the cable is 59" long).
C. It is easier to drill the antenna mounting hole and mount the antenna before proceeding with the radio installation.
D. T\vo types of mounting conditions mayexist:
I. If the roof has no liner or if the liner is tight against the underside of the roof (no air gap), you will drill a 3/4" hole through
the roof and and the roof liner (total thickness cannot exceed 3/8"). Also the hole must be located outside the mounting plate
or it will interfere with the antenna mounting.
2. If the roof has a roof liner and there is an air gap of at least two (2") inches between the liner and the underside of the rrof.
you will drill a 3/4" hole only through the roof (do not drill through the liner). You can also mount the antenna anywhere
including directly above the radio area sisnce the 2" gap will prevent any interference.
E. Once the hole is is drilled, install the antenna by following the instructions included with the antenna. Use sealant to insure the
antenna mounting hole will not leak.
F. If the vehicle has a roof liner, you will have to drill a 3/8" hole in the liner to route the antenna cable out of the roof. This
hole should be drilled as close to the "Wiring Access" hole shown on the radio mounting.
Note: If roof mounting of the antenna is not practical, the antenna can be mounted on the sides ofthc cab or other areas (se(
antenna instructions). This location should always allow the antenna to be as high as possible for maximum reception
4. Wiring (See Fig. 5, 6)
A. Connect the antenna cable to the socket on the rear of the radio.
B. Connect the Red power lead to (+) 12 volts.
C. Connect the Black ground lead to the vehicle's chassis ground.
Caution: For use with 12 volt negative ground system only, For 24 Volt Neg. ground, use with converter.
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