GE FCM9 Car Stereo System User Manual

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Preparing to install the freezer.
Read these instructions completely and carefully.
Freezer Location
Your freezer should be conveniently located for
day-to-day use in a dry, well-ventilated room.
Do not install the freezer where the temperature
will go below 0°F or above 110°F, because it will
not maintain proper temperatures.
Be sure to install your freezer on a floor strong
enough to support it when it is fully loaded.
The freezer must be solidly positioned on the floor
if it is to function at its best. Shims may be used to
accomplish this wherever the floor is too uneven.
If the place selected for the freezer is damp or
moist, place 2 X 4’s (51 mm X 102 mm) under its
entire length to assure adequate support.
On all models, allow 3 (76 mm) on top, back
and sides for proper air circulation.