GE JGP328WEK Car Stereo System User Manual

30" Built-In Gas Cooktop
Features and Benefits
Deep Recessed Cooktop - Designed with a recessed surface to help
contain spills and make cleaning easy
Sealed Cooktop Burners - Eliminates the space between the burners
and the cooktop to help contain spills and boil over liquids, ensuring
easy cleanup
High Output Burner - Provides a powerful burner output for efficient
heat-up and boiling
Precise Simmer Burner - Delivers a low settng of 140 degrees, ideal for
delicate foods and sauces
Continuous Grates - Provide a flat, sturdy surface allowing easy
movement of pans between burners
Dishwasher-Safe Grates and Knobs - Feature durable construction for
worry-free, effortless cleaning and maintenance
Electronic Pilotless Ignition - Provides reliable burner ignition operation,
eliminating the need for a standing pilot
• Model JGP328WEKWW - White on white
• Model JGP328CEKCC - Bisque on bisque
• Model JGP328BEKBB - Black on black
Specification Created 11/04