JBL LSR305 Car Speaker User Manual

• Patented Slip Stream Port – The patented JBL low frequency port design works in concert with the
3 Series woofer for accurate bass response at all playback levels.
• A detented volume control makes it easy to balance of the LSR310S in your studio monitor system.
• Balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs and XLR outputs you can add the LSR310S to any studio monitor system
to extend its low frequency performance, or use it as the “.1” LFE Channel in a surround sound system.
• The -10 dBV/+4 dBu sensitivity switch ensures compatibility with a broad range of signal sources, allowing
you to connect the LSR310S to high-output professional equipment without any danger of input overload.
• Three Crossover settings: 80 Hz, XLF, External
• The 80 Hz setting implements high and low pass lters to create a seamless blend of the LSR310S with
JBL’s LSR305 or LSR308 studio monitors or models from other manufacturers.
• The external setting bypasses all ltering, allowing use of an external crossover.
• The special XLF setting activates a 120 Hz High Pass Filter in conjunction with a low frequency tuning
that approximates the tuning used in club playback systems. Using this setting, the bass output more
than doubles.
• A protective limiting circuit allows the subwoofer to operate continuously at full output without failure.
JBL Professional Reliability
Prior to becoming a production-ready design, each 3 Series model is subjected to JBL’s tough 100-hour power
test, in which the speaker is required to play continually at full output for 100 hours without failure. This demanding
test ensures your 3 Series speakers will deliver years of reliable performance. To get the most out of your JBL 3
Series, please review this owner’s manual and keep it on hand for future reference. Also, please register your new
speakers at www.jblpro.com/registration.
Section 3: Setting Up Your System
Each 3 Series box includes the following items:
• One 3 Series Studio Monitor or Subwoofer
• One Power Cord
• Quick Set Up Guide
LSR308 and LSR305 include peel-off rubber pads
When removing a speaker from its packaging, we recommend the following procedure, which will prevent
damage of the high frequency transducer located near the top of the cabinet on the front of the speaker:
LSR305 and LSR308:
Remove the outer shipping carton, if one exists.
Place the inner carton on the oor with the top facing upwards.
Open the top of the box.
Without removing the internal packaging end-cap, gently rotate the carton so the open end
rests on the oor and the bottom of the carton is facing you.
• Gently lift the carton allowing the speaker and protective end-cap to slide out of the carton
and remain on the oor.
• Save the cartons and use the above procedure in reverse when you want to repack the
units for shipment.