Kenwood KDC-MP246 Car Amplifier User Manual

KDC-MP246/ KDC-MP146/ KDC-MP3046/ KDC-MP2046/ KDC-MP1046
Removing the Faceplate
The faceplate of the unit can be detached and taken
with you, helping to deter theft.
Detach the faceplate
Press the Release button.
Reattaching the Faceplate
Refer to the following diagram when
reattaching the faceplate.
• After pressing the Release button, detach the faceplate
immediately. If the faceplate is left attached, it can fall
due to vibration and so on.
• The faceplate is a precision piece of equipment and can
be damaged by shocks or jolts.
• Keep the faceplate in its faceplate case while detached.
(KDC-MP246/ KDC-MP146/ KDC-MP2046 only)
• Do not place the faceplate (and the faceplate case)
in areas exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat or
humidity. Also avoid places with too much dust or the
possibility of water splashing.
Muting Volume upon Reception of
Phone Call
The audio system automatically mutes when a call
comes in.
When a call comes in
“CALL” is displayed.
The audio system pauses.
Listening to the audio during a call
Press the [SRC] button.
The “CALL” display disappears and the audio system
comes back ON.
When the call ends
Hang up the phone.
The “CALL” display disappears and the audio system
comes back ON.
• To use the TEL Mute feature, you need to hook up the MUTE
wire to your telephone using a commercial telephone
accessory. Refer to <Connecting Wires to Terminals> (page