MTX Audio AW82 Car Speaker User Manual to select one of their quality swivel mount products (25 Series for AW52,
75 Series for AW82).
Overhead Suspension:
Caution: Suspending any object is potentially dangerous and should be attempted
only by individuals who have a thorough knowledge of the techniques and regulations
of rigging objects overhead using ONLY hardware approved for this type of installation.
MTX strongly recommends that surface mount enclosures only be suspended over-
head when taking into account all current national, federal, state, and local regulations.
It is the responsibility of the installer to insure that the speaker is installed according
to those regulations. If the speaker is suspended, MTX strongly recommends that
the system be inspected at least once a year. If any sign of weakness or damage is
detected, remedial action should be taken immediately.
Near Field Live Sound Monitoring
A standard 5/8”-27 thread insert is included on the U-bracket to facilitate mounting
on Atlas Sound microphone stands for use as a near-field live sound monitor.
Painting the Speakers:
The injection molded, polypropylene, talc impregnated cabinets can be painted to
match your decor. You should prime the cabinet with two coats of a product such as
Sandable Spray Primer #1318. You may use oil or water based house paint
or spray paint. (Be sure to use appropriate exterior house paint for outdoor applica-
1. Remove the grilles and brackets
2. Mask the speaker components and input terminals area with newspaper and mask-
ing tape.
3. Apply two thin primer coats to the speaker cabinets and knobs. (The brackets do not
require a primer coat.)
4. After the primer coats are completely dry, paint the cabinets, brackets and knobs. Be
careful not to paint the input terminals.
Painting the Grilles:
Remove and paint the grilles before inserting them onto the frames:
AW52: Using a paper clip bent into a “hook” shape, insert it into a grille near the corner
and pull the grille away from the cabinet.
AW82: Remove all screws around the outside of the grille to remove the grille from
the cabinet.
Apply (2) thin coats of paint (primer is not required) be careful not to let the paint clog
the holes in the grilles.
The AW52 and AW82 loudspeakers include (1) 5-way binding post and (1) 1/4”
phone jack. Both inputs are paralleled together to allow daisy chaining with the two-
connector types. The binding post is designed to accept up to 12#awg stranded cable
or standard MDP style banana plugs.
Amplifier limitations will dictate how many AW52/AW82 speakers may be con-
nected. Most consumer amplifiers are rated to operate at a 4 ohm minimum output
impedance per channel (Check the back panel of the amplifier or the amplifier owners
manual to verify). With this arrangement, (2) AW52/AW82 speakers may be connected
in parallel to each channel of the amplifier (two 8 ohm speakers per channel= a 4 ohm
load). (See Fig. 1).
8 Ohms
8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms
FIG. 1
Be sure to use a good quality, unshielded twisted pair speaker cable to connect the
amplifier to the speaker(s) (#14AWG for runs <80’, #12AWG for runs >80’).
Standard ZIP style speaker cable may also be used if twisted pair cable is not avail-
When making the connections, be sure to maintain proper polarity between speak-
ers. (Red wire to red terminals- black wire to black terminal where applicable).
Maintenance and Care
Your MTX All Weather Speakers have been designed and manufactured for years
of trouble-free service. You can clean your loudspeakers with a dampened soft cloth
or paper towel. If the speaker is mounted high on a wall or ceiling, use a broom or
duster to gently brush it off. Spraying the speaker with a high-pressure water is not