Musica m530aw Car Speaker User Manual

Thank you for choosing MUSICA Loudspeakers
All MUSICA speaker systems are designed to provide high fidelity, long life and
installation convenience. Because of their weather resistant properties, you can use
them indoors or outdoors- wherever great sound is desired. For information on our
other products, go to or call 1-800-225-5689.
Outdoor use:
The materials used in the construction of these Musica Indoor/Outdoor speakers
are weather resistant for use in even the harshest conditions. Adhering to just a few
mounting guidelines will further extend the life of the product.
Whenever possible, mount the speaker under an eve or other protective overhang.
Always aim the speaker at a slight downward angle to prevent water from accumulat
ing on the speaker cone.
Do not place the speaker in a location where water, snow or ice will accumulate on the
speaker for extended periods of time.
Indoor Use:
These Musica Indoor/Outdoor speakers work very well when wall mounted in indoor
applications. When you place the speaker on a wall, you take advantage of the natural
boundary effect that occurs when a speaker system is placed against one or more
surfaces. This boundary effect will provide increased overall output. When you mount
the speaker against one surface (on a wall) you increase output by 3dB. When you
mount the speaker against two surfaces (on the wall near the ceiling) you increase the
output by 6dB. When you mount the speaker against three surfaces (in a corner near
the ceiling) you increase the output by 9dB.
Shelf Mounting:
When placing these speakers on a shelf or other flat surface, remove the C-bracket
by unscrewing the top and bottom thumb screws. Then re-insert the bottom thumb
screw into the cabinet. This will allow the speaker to maintain a level orientation.
Down Firing:
M430AW/M530AW also work well in a down firing configuration for spaces utilizing
open beam ceilings such as offices, restaurants and warehouses.
Fixed Install:
The M430AW/M530AW include a versatile yet simple C-bracket designed to provide
easy vertical or horizontal installation on just about any surface. The speaker may be
installed using screws or bolts placed through the “L” shaped holes in the mounting
bracket. The center 3/8” hole allows wires to exit through the bracket when wall mount
ing, for a neat installation. On M530AW, the unused inserts on the rear of the cabinet
may be used with standard 1/4”-20 forged eyebolt. These parts are available through
many sources. Size 21, 1/4” X 1” Forged Eyebolt
When you have an installation challenge that the C-bracket will not accommodate,
we suggest you contact our friends at OMNIMOUNT systems (
to select one of their quality swivel mount products.
When mounting the speakers in a horizontal orientation, you can easily change the
orientation of the MUSICA logos on the grilles. Simply pull the logo out slightly and turn
the logo 90 degrees, where it will lock into place in the new direction.