Musica MUSICA602W Car Speaker User Manual

Using a stud finder (available at low cost at most hardware stores) or
other accurate method, locate center point between two studs and mark.
Using template provided, trace hole pattern on surface of wall. Placing a
bubble level on either the horizontal or vertical guidelines of template will
assist you in leveling the hole pattern.
Using a sabre saw, keyhole saw or very sharp utility knife, cut hole in wall,
following traced pattern.
Run loudspeaker wires to sound source location. There are several
methods you can use to accomplish wiring, depending on the construction
characteristics of the room or house. You can add a professional touch to
your installation by using a speaker terminal plate at the source location.
Leave sufficient amount of wire at speaker location (8 to 10 inches) to
complete connection.
Attach loudspeaker wires to speaker terminals, observing correct polarity
(positive to positive and negative to negative), and position panel and
frame assembly to hole as shown. Insert top of mounting frame into hole
at top. By moving bottom of frame upwards, you should now be able
to insert bottom of frame into hole at bottom. Be careful not to pinch
loudspeaker wires in the process. Tighten long screws. Use a level during
tightening to insure straightness of final position.
After speaker panel is secured tightly, test for sound.
When you are satisfied the speaker is operational, affix grill. As grill is
designed for a snug fit, you’ll need to position one edge into slot first, and
press or squeeze around perimeter of grill, while pushing leading edges
into grill slot.