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Care and cleaning of the freezer.
Cleaning Your Freezer
Outside. Protect the paint finish. The
finish on the outside of the freezer is
a high quality, baked-on paint finish.
With proper care, it will stay new-looking
and rust-free for years. Apply a coat of
appliance polish wax when the freezer
is new and then at least twice a year.
Appliance polish wax also works well
to remove tape residue from freezer
Keep the finish clean. Wipe with a clean
cloth lightly dampened with appliance
polish wax or mild liquid dishwashing
detergent. Dry and polish with a clean,
soft cloth. Do not wipe the freezer with
a soiled dishwashing cloth or wet towel.
Do not use scouring pads, powdered
cleaners, bleach or cleaners containing
CAUTION: Care should be taken in moving the
freezer away from the wall. All types of floor
coverings can be damaged, particularly cushioned
coverings and those with embossed surfaces.
Inside. Clean the inside of your freezer at
least once a year. We recommend that the
freezer be unplugged before cleaning. If
this is not practical, wring excess moisture
out of sponge or cloth when cleaning in
the vicinity of switches, lights or controls.
Use warm water and baking soda
solution—about a tablespoon of baking
soda to a quart of water. Rinse thoroughly
with water and wipe dry. Do not use
cleaning powders or other abrasive
An open box of baking soda in the
freezer will absorb stale freezer odors.
Change the box every three months.