GE FCM7 Car Stereo System User Manual

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Preparing for Vacation
To maintain freezer in operation during
vacations, be sure your house power is not
turned off. For sure protection of freezer
contents, you may want to ask a neighbor
to check the power supply and freezer
operation every 48 hours.
For extended vacations or absences, you
may prefer to move your frozen foods to a
storage locker temporarily. If your freezer is
to be left empty, disconnect power cord
plug from wall outlet. To prevent formation
of odors, place open box of baking soda in
freezer and leave freezer door/lid open.
When the freezer is not operating, it can be
left in an unheated house or room without
damage to cabinet or mechanism.
Preparing to Move
Disconnect the power cord plug from
the wall outlet. Remove foods, defrost
and clean the freezer.
Secure all loose items such as grille and
shelves by taping them securely in place
to prevent damage.
Be sure freezer stays in upright position
during actual moving and in van. The
freezer must be secured in van to prevent
movement. Protect outside of freezer with
In Case of Extended Power Failure
Keep freezer door/lid closed. Your
freezer will keep food frozen for 24 hours
provided warm air is not admitted.
If freezer is out of operation for 24 hours
or more, add dry ice. Leave ice in large
pieces. Add more ice as required.
WARNING: Handling of dry ice can cause freezing
of the hands—gloves or other protection is
If dry ice is not available, move food to
a frozen food locker temporarily—until
power is restored.