Kenwood KDC-MP142 Car Video System User Manual

In Audio file source
Information Display
Music title & Artist name “TITLE”
Album name & Artist name “ALBUM”
Folder name “FOLDER”
File name “FILE”
Play time & Music number “P-TIME”
Clock “CLOCK”
In HD Radio source (KDC-MP242)
Information Display
Station name “ST NAME”
Music title/ Artist name/ Album name/ Genre “TITLE”
Frequency “FREQ”
Clock “CLOCK”
In Standby/ Auxiliary input source
Information Display
Source name “SRC NAME”
Clock “CLOCK”
• When you select the clock display, the display setting of
each source will be changed to the clock display.
• Album name cannot be displayed in WMA file.
• If the selected display item does not have any
information, alternative information is displayed.
Manual Clock Adjustment
1 Select the Clock display
Press the [DISP] button.
2 Enter Clock Adjust mode
Press the [DISP] button for at least 1 second.
The clock display blinks.
3 Adjust the hours
Press the [FM+] or [AM–] button.
Adjust the minutes
Press the [4] or [¢] button.
4 Exit Clock adjustment mode
Press the [DISP] button.