MTX Audio AW52 Car Speaker User Manual

Thank you for choosing MTX All Weather Loudspeakers
All MTX speaker systems are designed to provide high fidelity, long life and installa-
tion convenience for commercial and residential applications. Because of their weather
resistant properties, you can use them indoors or outdoors- wherever great sound is
desired. For information on our other products, go to or call 1-800-
Outdoor use:
The materials used in the construction of the MTX All Weather Speakers systems
are weather resistant for use in even the harshest conditions. The hardware is brass,
the grille is powder-coated aluminum, and the bracket is zinc plated, powder coated
steel. The enclosure itself is shatter-resistant. Adhering to just a few mounting guide-
lines will further extend the life of the product.
Whenever possible, mount the speaker under an eave or other protective overhang.
Always aim the speaker at a slight downward angle to prevent water from accumulating
on the speaker cone.
Do not place the speaker in a location where water, snow or ice will accumulate on the
speaker for extended periods of time.
Indoor Use:
The MTX All Weather Speaker system works very well when it is wall mounted in
indoor applications. When you place the speaker on a wall, you take advantage of the
natural boundary effect that occurs when a speaker system is placed against one or
more surfaces. This boundary effect will provide increased overall output. When you
mount the speaker against one surface (on a wall) you increase output by 3dB. When
you mount the speaker against two surfaces (on the wall near the ceiling) you increase
the output by 6dB. When you mount the speaker against three surfaces (in a corner
near the ceiling) you increase the output by 9dB. Please note that the AW52 and AW82
include magnetic shielding (bucking magnets) to minimize interference when placed
near CRT monitors.
Shelf Mounting:
The bottom surface of the AW52 and AW82 is sloped to maintain level orientation
when shelf mounted.
Down Firing:
The MTX All Weather Speaker systems also work well in a down firing configuration
for spaces utilizing open beam ceilings such as offices, restaurants and warehouses.
When determining speaker spacing in down-firing installations you can use the follow-
ing chart:
nominal coverage (60
off axis) at 2 kHz
Ceiling Ht: 8’ Spkr Spacing: 11 Max SPL @ 30W (Listener@3.5’) 102dB
Ceiling Ht: 9’ Spkr Spacing: 13.5’ Max SPL @ 30W (Listener@3.5’) 101dB
Ceiling Ht: 10’ Spkr Spacing: 16’ Max SPL @ 30W (Listener@3.5’) 99dB
Ceiling Ht: 11 Spkr Spacing: 18.5’ Max SPL @ 30W (Listener@3.5’) 98dB
Ceiling Ht: 12’ Spkr Spacing: 21’ Max SPL @ 30W (Listener@3.5’) 97dB
Ceiling Ht: 13’ Spkr Spacing: 23.5’ Max SPL @ 30W (Listener@3.5’) 96dB
Ceiling Ht: 14’ Spkr Spacing: 25.5’ Max SPL @ 30W (Listener@3.5’) 95dB
MTX products purchased in the USA from an authorized MTX dealer are guaranteed
against defects in material and workmanship for a period of FIVE YEARS, the warranty
period begins the day the product is purchased by the end user. This warranty is lim-
ited to the original retail purchaser of the product. Product found to be defective during
that period will be repaired or replaced by MTX at no charge. This warranty is void if
it is determined that unauthorized parties have attempted repairs or alterations of any
nature. Warranty does not extend to cosmetics or finish. Before presuming a defect is
present in the product, be certain that all related equipment and wiring is functioning
properly. MTX disclaims any liability for other incurred damages resulting from product
defects. Any expenses in the removal and reinstallation of products are not covered by
this warranty. MTX’s total liability will not exceed the purchase price of the product. If
a defect is present, your authorized MTX dealer may be able to effect repairs.
Proof of purchase is required when requesting service, so please retain your sales
receipt and take a moment to register your product online at Also, a Return
Authorization number (RA) is required before shipping product back to MTX, call 800-
556-2888 or 608-325-5560 for speaker RA’s.