MTX Audio mud1002 Car Amplifier User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing this MTX Audio Hi-Performance amplifier. Proper installation matched
with MTX speakers and subwoofers provide superior sound and performance for endless hours of
enjoyment whether you are waking the neighbors or just out enjoying your tunes. Congratulations
and enjoy the ultimate audio experience with MTX!
• Compact Size
• Double Sided PCB
• Surface Mount Components
• MOSFET Design
• LPF and HPF Crossover
• Noise Free Design
1. Wiring Harness - All wiring to the amplifier will run through the wiring harness.
Speakers - Connect speakers/subwoofers to these terminals. Be sure to check wire for proper
polarity. Never connect the speaker cables to the chassis ground.
+BATT (+12 Volt Power) - Connect this terminal through a FUSE or CIRCUIT BREAKER to the
positive terminal of the vehicle battery or the positive terminal of an isolated audio system
battery. WARNING: Always protect this power cable by installing a fuse or circuit breaker of the
appropriate gauge within 18 inches (45cm) of the battery terminal connection.
Remote Turn On - This terminal turns on the amplifier when (+) 12 volt is applied to it. Connect it to
the remote turn on lead of the head unit or signal source.
GND - Connect this cable directly to the frame of the vehicle. Make sure the metal frame has
been stripped of all paint down to the bare metal. Use the shortest distance possible. If a suitable
ground point is not available on the frame, connect this terminal directly to the vehicle battery
ground terminal or any other factory ground points.
RCA Input Jacks - This unit is designed to function with source units that feature either RCA or
speaker level outputs. If using RCA cable connections from a source unit put the input
level switch in the low level position. If connecting RCA cable connections from a speaker
terminal put the input level switch in the high level position. A source unit with a minimum level of
200mV is required for proper operation.
2. Gain Control - The Gain control will match the amplifier’s sensitivity to the source units signal
voltage. The operating range is 10V to 200mV. NOTE: This is NOT a volume control.
3. X-Over Mode and Frequency Control (Full Range) - These controls allow control over the
frequencies played. There is an option for Low Pass, Full Range, or High Pass. In LP or HP mode,
the crossover frequency will be set at 80Hz.
4. Input Level - This slide switch selects between low level (RCA) inputs which provide 200mV - 5V
input signal and high level (speaker level) inputs which provide 400mV - 10V input signal.