Pioneer GEX-P10XMT Car Speaker User Manual

<KKYZX> <04L00000>
Printed in Thailand
<CRB2046-A/N> UC
Connecting the Units
This unit is for vehicles with a 12-volt battery and
negative grounding. Before installing it in a recre-
ational vehicle, truck, or bus, check the battery
To avoid shorts in the electrical system, be sure to
disconnect the battery cable before beginning
Refer to the owner’s manual for details on
connecting the power amp and other units, then
make connections correctly.
Secure the wiring with cable clamps or adhesive
tape. To protect the wiring, wrap adhesive tape
around wires that lie against metal parts.
Securely route all wiring so it cannot touch any
moving parts, such as the gear shift, handbrake and
seat rails. Do not route wiring through places that
get hot, such as near the heater outlet. If the insula-
tion of the wiring melts or gets torn, there is a dan-
ger of the wiring short-circuiting to the vehicle
Don’t pass the yellow lead through a hole into the
engine compartment to connect to the battery. This
will damage the lead insulation and cause a very
dangerous short.
Do not shorten any leads. If you do, the protection
circuit may fail to work when it should.
Never feed power to other equipment by cutting
the insulation of the power supply lead of the unit
and tapping into the lead. The current capacity of
the lead will be exceeded, causing overheating.
When replacing the fuse, be sure to only use a fuse
of the rating prescribed on the fuse holder.
To prevent incorrect connection, the input side of
the IP-BUS connector is colored blue, and the out-
put side is colored black. Connect the connectors
of the same
colors correctly.
This product conforms to CEMA cord colors.
Cords for this product and those for other products
may be different colors even if they have the same
function. When connecting this product to another
product, refer to the manuals supplied with both
products and connect cords that have the same
To safeguard from electromagnetic inter-
In order to prevent interference, set the following
items as far as possible from this unit, its cables or
– TV antenna and antenna lead
– FM, AM antenna and its lead
– GPS antenna and its lead
In addition route each antenna lead as far as possi-
ble from other antenna leads. Do not bind them
together, lay or route them together, or cross them
over each other. Increased interference could lead
to TV reception appearing fuzzy.