JBL GTO75.4 Car Amplifier User Manual

The GTO75.4 can be set up for stereo
4-channel, 3-channel or bridged
2-channel operation, as shown in
Figures 6 through 8.
NOTE: For simplicity, Figures 6 through 8
do not show power, remote and input
NOTE: Minimum speaker impedance for
stereo operation is 2 ohms.
Minimum speaker impedance for
bridged operation is 4 ohms.
Figure 6. GTO75.4 amplifier in 4-channel (stereo) operation to drive front and rear full-range speakers.
Figure 7. GTO75.4 is set up for 3-channel operation to drive a set of full-range speakers and a subwoofer.
Figure 8. GTO75.4 used in bridged 2-channel mode to drive a set of components or subwoofers.