Kenwood DNX5120 Car Stereo System User Manual

50 DNX5120/DNX512EX/DDX512/DDX5032
Calling by Voice Recognition
Calls by recognizing the registered voice.
• In order to perform voice recognition, voice must
be registered in the Phonebook data. See <Voice
Registration> (page 52). Or, to perform voice recognition
by Phone number category (Home, Office, Mobile etc.)
of Phonebook data, a key word voice must be registered.
See <Key Word Voice Registration> (page 53).
1 Display the Voice Recognition screen
2 Utter the voice registered in the
Utter within 2 seconds after the Beep.
1 Displays the recognized phone number or
2 Cancels voice recognition.
If the voice recognition is succeeded and
there is only one phone number found:
Make a call.
3 Displays the phonebook list.
Hands Free Unit Control
If you hear another Beep sound:
Speak the key word within 2 seconds after the
Beep, or touch the [Phonebook List] button to
select the phone number.
Make a call.
• If there are more than one phone numbers registered
under the same name, and the key word voice is
registered for each phone number, you will hear another
beep. For how to register key word, see <Key Word Voice
Registration> (page 53).
If there are more than one phone numbers
registered under the same name, go to step
3 Select a Phone number category
4 Calls the displayed phone number.
5 Creates an SMS to the displayed address.
See <SMS (Short Message Service)> (page
6 Selects the Phone number category.
7 Scrolls the phone number.
8 Returns to the previous screen.
4 Make a call
• A message is displayed if the voice is not recognized.
Read the message for the further operation.