Sharp PN-Y425 Car Video System User Manual

The Power LED is ashing in red and green alternately.
• When the internal temperature of the monitor rises
excessively, the brightness of the backlight decreases
automatically in order to prevent high-temperature-related
problems. When this occurs, the Power LED ashes red
and green alternately.
• If the internal temperature rises further, the monitor
automatically enters standby mode. (The Power LED
continues ashing red and green alternately.)
• Remove the cause of the excessive temperature rise.
- If the monitor enters standby mode due to a rise in
temperature, to return to normal display, turn the power
switch off and then back on again. The monitor, however,
will enter standby mode again if the cause of the
temperature rise is not eliminated. (See page 8.)
- Check whether the monitor is placed at a location where
a quick rise in temperature is likely. Internal temperature
rises quickly if the vents on the monitor are blocked.
- Internal temperature rises quickly if dust accumulates
inside the monitor or around the vents. Remove dust if
possible. Ask SHARP dealer about removing internal dust.