Crown Audio CDI1000 Car Amplifier User Manual

page 6
CDi Series Power Amplifiers
Operation Manual
2 Setup
2.1 Unpack Your Amplifier
Please unpack and inspect your amplifier for
any damage that may have occurred during
transit. If damage is found, notify the
transpor tation company immediately. Only you
can ini tiate a claim for shipping damage.
Crown will be happy to help as needed. Save
the shipping carton as evidence of damage for
the shipper’s inspection.
We also recommend that you save all packing
materials so you will have them if you ever
need to transport the unit. Never ship the
unit without the factory pack.
YOU WILL NEED (not supplied):
• Input wiring cables
• Output wiring cables
• Rack for mounting amplifier (or a stable
sur face for stacking)
WARNING: Before you start to set up your
amplifier, make sure you read and
observe the Important Safety Instruc tions
found at the beginning of this
Figure 2.2
Figure 2.1
2.2 Install Your Amplifier
CAUTION: Before you begin, make sure
your amplifier is disconnected from the
power source, with the power switch in
the “off” position and all level controls
turned completely down (counterclock-
Use a standard 19-inch (48.3 cm) equipment
rack (EIA RS-310B). See Figure 2.1 for
ampli fier dimensions.
You may also stack amps without using a
NOTE: When transporting, amplifiers should be
supported at both front and back.
2.3 Ensure Proper Cooling
When using an equipment rack, mount units
directly on top of each other. Close any open
spaces in rack with blank panels. DO NOT
block front or rear air vents. The back of the
rack should be open.
Figure 2.2 illustrates standard amplifier
CDi 6000
CDi 1000
CDi 2000
CDi 4000