Crown Audio CDI1000 Car Amplifier User Manual

CDi Series Power Amplifiers
Operation Manual
page 9
2 Setup (continued)
Channel 1
2.6.2 Bridge-Mono Mode
Typical input and output wiring is shown in
Figure 2.6.
NOTE: Crown provides a reference of wiring pin assignments
for commonly used connector types in the Crown Amplifier
Application Guide available at
OUTPUTS: Connect the speaker across barrier-strip
terminals 1+ and 2+.
IMPORTANT: Set the Bridge/Normal switch in the LCD
screen to “Bridge.” See Section 4.1.5.
NOTE: In Bridge-Mono mode, only the
Channel 1 Level control is functional (unless you
make an alternate selection via the “Y” menu. See
Section 4.1.6.)
Figure 2.6 System Wiring,
Bridge-Mono Mode