Crown Audio CDI2000 Car Amplifier User Manual

page 18
CDi Series Power Amplifiers
Operation Manual
5 Troubleshooting
CONDITION: Normal operation.
• This is normal operation for your amp.
CONDITION: No power to the amplifier.
• The amplifier’s Power switch is off.
• The amplifier’s power cord is unplugged.
CONDITION: Distorted sound.
• Input signal level is too high. Turn down your amplifier
Level controls. NOTE: Your amplifier should never be
operated at a level which causes the Clip LEDS to
illuminate constantly.
The amplifier is in “fault” mode. A Fault status can be
triggered when one of the amplifier’s protection circuits is
activated. First disconnect your speakers from the affected
channels(s) one by one to determine if one of the loads is
shorted. If the indicators return to normal status, then try a
different speaker or cable to determine where the short is
occurring. If no short can be found, turn off the amp and
allow the amp to cool. If indicators do not return to normal
after restarting your amp, check the fuse and replace if
necessary, or return amp to Crown or an authorized Crown
Service Center for servicing.
CONDITION: No sound.
CONDITION: No sound.
• The amplifier has just turned on and is still in
the 4-sec ond turn-on delay.
• Speakers not connected.
• No input signal
• Input signal level is very low.
• Level controls are turned down.
• Channel is in thermal protection.