Crown Audio CDI2000 Car Amplifier User Manual

page 20
CDi Series Power Amplifiers
Operation Manual
7 Service
Crown amplifiers are quality units that rarely require
ser vicing. Before returning your unit for service, please
con tact Crown Technical Support to verify the need for
This unit has very sophisticated circuitry which should
only be serviced by a fully trained technician. This is one
reason why each unit bears the following label:
CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, do not
remove covers. No user serviceable parts
inside. Refer servicing to a qualified
Complete the Crown Audio Factory Service Information
form, in the back of this manual, when returning a Crown
product to the factory or authorized service center. The
form must be included with your product inside the box
or in a packing slip envelope securely attached to the
outside of the shipping carton. Do not send this form
*Warranty is only valid within the United States of
America. For information on Warranty outside of the
U.S.A, please contact your local distributor.
7.1 International and Canada Service
Service may be obtained from an authorized service
cen ter. (Contact your local Crown/Amcron representative
or our office for a list of authorized service centers.) To
obtain service, simply present the bill of sale as proof of
purchase along with the defective unit to an authorized
service center. They will handle the necessary
paperwork and repair.
Remember to transport your unit in the original factory
7.2 US Service
Service may be obtained in one of two ways: from an
authorized service center or from the factory. You may
choose either. It is important that you have your copy of
the bill of sale as your proof of purchase.
7.2.1 Service at a US Service Center
This method usually saves the most time and effort.
Sim ply present your bill of sale along with the defective
unit to an authorized service center to obtain service.
They will handle the necessary paperwork and repair.
Remem ber to transport the unit in the original factory
pack. A list of authorized service centers in your area can
be obtained from Crown Factory Service, or online from
7.2.2 Factory Service
Crown accepts no responsibility for non-serviceable
product that is sent to us for factory repair. It is the
owner’s responsibility to ensure that their product is
ser viceable prior to sending it to the factory. Serviceable
product list is available at
For more information, please contact us direct.
A Service Return Authorization (SRA) is required for
product being sent to the factory for repair. An SRA can
be completed online at
factserv.htm. If you do not have access to the web,
please call Crown’s Customer Service at 574.294.8200
or 800.342.6939 extension 8205.
For warranty service, we will pay for ground shipping
both ways in the United States. Contact Crown Customer
Service to obtain prepaid shipping labels prior to send ing
the unit. Or, if you prefer, you may prepay the cost of
shipping, and Crown will reimburse you. Send copies of
the shipping receipts to Crown to receive
reimbursement. Your repaired unit will be returned via
UPS ground. Please contact us if other arrangements are
7.2.3 Factory Service Shipping Instruc-
1. Service Return Authorization (SRA) is required for
product being sent to the factory for service. Please
complete the SRA by going to If you
do not have access to our website, call
1.800.342.6939, extension 8205 and we’ll create
the SRA for you.
2. See packing instructions that follow.
3. Ship product to:
4. Use a bold black marker and write the SRA number
on three sides of the box.
5. Record the SRA number for future reference. The
SRA number can be used to check the repair status.
7.2.4 Packing Instructions
Important: These instructions must be followed. If they
are not followed, Crown Audio, Inc. assumes no
respon sibility for damaged goods and/or accessories
that are sent with your unit.
1. Fill out and include the Crown Audio Factory Ser vice
Information sheet in the back of this manual.
2. Do not ship any accessories (manuals, cords,
hard ware, etc.) with your unit. These items are not
needed to service your product. We will not be
responsibility for these items.
3. When shipping your Crown product, it is important
that it has adequate protection. We recommend you
use the original pack material when returning the
product for repair. If you do not have the original
box, please call Crown at 800.342.6939 or
574.294.8210 and order new pack material. See
instructions for “foam-in-place” shipping pack. (Do
not ship your unit in a wood or metal cabinet.)
4. If you provide your own shipping pack, the mini mum
recommended requirements for materials are as
a. 275 P.S.I. burst test, Double-Wall carton that allows
for 2-inch solid Styrofoam on all six sides of unit or 3
inches of plastic bubble wrap on all six sides of unit.
b. Securely seal the package with an adequate carton
sealing tape.
c. Do not use light boxes or “peanuts”. Damage caused
by poor packaging will not be covered under
war ranty.
Using your ‘foam-in-place’ shipping pack
Note: The foam-in-place packing is molded so that there
is only one correct position for your product.
1. Open carton and lift center cushion leaving both
end-cushions in place.
2. Carefully place your product with the product’s front
panel facing the same direction as arrows indicate.
3. Reset center cushion down over top of product’s
chassis. The foam-in-place packing was molded to
accommodate different chassis depth sizes. If your
product’s chassis does not completely fill the
foam-in-place cavity, you may use a soft but solid
packing material (such as paper or bubble wrap)
behind the chassis.
4. Enclose the completed Crown Audio Factory Service
Information form (or securely attach it to the outside
of carton) and re-seal the shipping pack with a
sturdy carton sealing tape.
7.2.5 Estimate Approval
Approval of estimate must be given within 30 days after
being notified by Crown Audio Inc. Units still in the
pos session of Crown after 30 days of the estimate will
become the property of Crown Audio Inc.
7.2.6 Payment of Non-Warranty Repairs
Payment on out-of-waranty repairs must be received
within 30 days of the repair date. Units unclaimed after
30 days become the property of Crown Audio Inc.
If you have any questions, please contact Crown Factory
Crown Factory Service
1718 W. Mishawaka Rd.,
Elkhart, Indiana 46517 U.S.A.
800.342.6939 (North America,
Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands only)
574.294.8301 (Technical Support)
574.294.8124 (Factory Service)