AOC U2879VF Car Video System User Manual

Color Setup
1 Press MENU (Menu) to display menu.
2 Press or to select (Color Setup), and press MENU to enter.
3 Press
or to select submenu.
4 Press
or to adjust.
5 Press
AUTO to exit.
Color Temp.
Warm Recall Warm Color Temperature from EEPROM.
Normal Recall Normal Color Temperature from EEPROM.
Cool Recall Cool Color Temperature from EEPROM.
sRGB Recall SRGB Color Temperature from EEPROM.
User Recall User Color Temperature from EEPROM
DCB Mode
Full Enhance
ON/OFF Red/Green/Blue Gain
Nature Skin ON/OFF Red Gain from Digital-register.
Green Field ON/OFF Green Gain from Digital-register.
Sky-blue ON/OFF Blue Gain from Digital-register.
AutoDetect ON/OFF Auto gain for input signal
DCB Demo ON/OFF Enhance Area in half Picture
Red 0-100 Red gain from Digital-register.
Green 0-100 Green gain from Digital-register.
Blue 0-100 Blue gain from Digital-register.