AOC U2879VF Car Video System User Manual

Warranty Statement for Middle East and Africa (MEA)
The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
For AOC LCD Monitors sold within the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and the Commonwealth of Independent
States (CIS), AOC International (Europe) B.V. warrants this product to be free from defects in material and
workmanship for a period of One (1) to Three (3) years from the manufacture date depending on sale country.
During this period, AOC International (Europe) B.V. offers a Carry-In (return to Service Center) Warranty Support at
an AOC’s Authorized Service Center or Dealer and at its option, either repair the defective product with new or
rebuilt parts, or replace it with a new or rebuilt product at no charge except as *stated below. As a Standard Policy,
the warranty will be calculated from the manufacture date identified from the product ID serial number, but the total
warranty will be Fifteen (15) months to Thirty Nine (39) months from MFD (manufacture date) depending on sale
country. Warranty will be considered for exceptional cases that are out of warranty as per the product ID serial
number and for such exceptional cases; Original Invoice/Proof Of Purchase Receipt is mandatory.
If the product appears to be defective, please contact your AOC authorized dealer or refer to the service and
support section on AOC’s website for the warranty instructions in your country:
CIS Central Asia:
Middle East:
South Africa:
Saudi Arabia:
Please ensure you provide a dated proof of purchase along with the product and deliver to the AOC Authorized
Service Center or Dealer under the following condition:
Make sure the LCD Monitor is packed in a proper carton box (AOC prefers the original carton box to
protects your monitor well enough during transport).
Put the RMA number on the address label
Put the RMA number on the shipping carton
* This limited warranty does not cover any losses or damages that occur as a result of:
Damages during transport due to improper packaging
Improper installation or maintenance other then in accordance with AOC’s user manual
Any cause other than ordinary commercial or industrial application
Adjustment by non-authorized source