AOC U2879VF Car Video System User Manual

OSD Setup
1 Press MENU (Menu) to display menu.
2 Press
or to select (OSD Setup), and press MENU to enter.
3 Press
or to select submenu.
4 Press
or to adjust.
5 Press
AUTO to exit.
English, France , Spanish,
Italian,Dutch,Swedish, Finnish,
Polish ,Czech, Russia,Korea,
TChina, SChina,Japanese.
Select the OSD language
Timeout 5-120 Adjust the OSD timeout.
H. Position 0-100
Adjust the horizontal position of the
V. Position 0-100 Adjust the vertical position of the OSD.
Transparence 0-100 Adjust the OSD
Break Reminder if the user continuely
work for mare than 1 hurs
DP Capability 1.1/1.2
1. In DP 1.1 mode, DP-out outputs full
image which is from DP-in if DP-in
received image data.
2. In DP 1.2 mode,
(A) DP-out outputs full image which is
from DP-in if DP graphic card outputs
single monitor data.
(B) DP-out outputs next 1 or 2 monitor
image(s) if DP graphic card outputs 2 or
3 monitor images by daisy chain.
HDMI 1.4/2.0
The factory default setting is at HDMI
2.0.But HDMI 1.4 supports most
Blu-Ray/DVD players on the market.
Freesync ON/OFF
please be noted that only DP1.2 support
free sync function
If the DP video content supports DP1.2, please select DP1.2 for DP Capability; otherwise, please select DP1.1.