AOC U2879VF Car Video System User Manual

1 Press
MENU (Menu) to display menu.
2 Press
or to select (Extra), and press MENU to enter.
3 Press
or to select submenu.
4 Press
or to adjust.
5 Press AUTO to exit.
Input Select
Auto Auto Detect input signal
D-SUB Select D-SUB signal source as input
DVI Select DVI signal source as input
HDMI/MHL Select HDMI signal Source as input
DP Select DP signal Source as input
Auto Config.
Yes / No Auto adjust.the picture to default.
Off Timer 0-24 hrs Select DC off time.
Image Ratio
Full Screen or Aspect Ratio
image Ratio format for display.
DDC/CI Yes / No Turn on or off DDC/CI Support.
Reset Yes / No Reset the menu to default.