Panasonic C9701U Car Stereo System User Manual

Notes on Discs
How to hold the disc
¡Do not touch the underside of a disc.
¡Do not scratch on a disc.
¡Do not bend a disc.
¡When not in use, keep a disc in the case.
Do not use irregularly shaped discs.
Do not leave discs in the following places:
¡In direct sunlight
¡Near car heaters
¡Dirty, dusty and damp areas
¡On seats and dashboards
Disc cleaning
Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe from the centre outward.
Do not attach any seals or labels to your discs.
Do not write on the disc label with a ballpoint
pen or other hard-point pens.
Label side
<Correct> <Wrong>
Do not use irregularly shaped discs.
If you use commercial CDs, they must have
either of these labels shown at right.
Some copy-protected music CDs are not
¡You may have trouble playing back some CD-R/RW discs recorded on CD recorders (CD-R/RW drives), either due
to their recording characteristics or dirt, fingerprints, scratches, etc. on the disc surface.
¡CD-R/RW discs are less resistant to high temperatures and high humidity than ordinary music CDs. Leaving them
inside a car for extended periods may damage and make playback impossible.
¡Some CD-R/RWs can not be played back successfully due to incompatibility among writing software, a CD recorder
(CD-R/RW drive) and the discs.
¡This player cannot play the CD-R/RW discs if the session is not closed.
¡This player cannot play the CD-R/RW discs which contains other than CD-DA or MP3/WMA data.
¡Be sure to observe the instructions of CD-R/RW disc for handling it.
Notes on CD/CD Media (CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW)
Notes on
Error Display Messages,
Notes on Discs
Error Display Messages
The file is not readable.
Error display continues when there is no playable file in the disc at the direct folder
a Eject the disc.
(After 5 seconds)
To next file automatically
Possible cause
Possible solution
The disc is dirty or upside down.
a Check the disc.
The disc has scratches.
a Check the disc.
No operation by some cause.
a Unplug the power cord and plug it again. In case the unit is still out of order,
consult your dealer.
A WMA file can be copyrighted.
a The file protected by copyright is not playable.
No disc.
Disc is dirty, or is upside down.
Disc has scratches.
a Eject the magazine.
¡Check the disc.
¡Load the disc again.
(After 5 seconds)
To next disc automatically
No operation by some cause.
a Eject the magazine. If failure persists, press the reset switch on the CD
changer. If normal operation is not restored, call the store where you pur-
chased the unit or the nearest Panasonic Servicenter to ask for repairs.
No disc is in the CD changer (magazine).
a Insert discs into the changer (magazine).
The changer has become disconnected from the unit in the changer mode.
a Verify the wiring.
XM Direct
An error arises in the DVD changer.
a Check the DVD changer. (“REGION ERROR” etc.)
Cannot receive XM satellite radio.
a Verify the wiring.
XM antenna unconnected.
a Connect the XM antenna.
XM broadcasts unreceivable because of poor receiving conditions.
a Move to an area where XM broadcasts can be received well.
Channel not in service
a This channel is not currently in service. Tune to another channel.
Note: Messages in the action and display sections of the error chart vary with changers. Refer to the operating
instructions for the CD changer for details.