Samsung UN40H5203 Car Satellite TV System User Manual

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04. Using the e-Manual
Launching the e-Manual
MENU > Support > e-Manual
The embedded e-manual contains information about your TV's key features.
Alternatively, you can download a copy of the e-manual from Samsung's website, and read it on your
computer or print it out.
Words in yellow indicate a menu item and bold words in white indicate remote control buttons.
Arrows are used to indicate the menu path. (Example: MENU > Picture > Picture Mode)
1. Press the E-MANUAL button. You can also select Support > e-Manual in the TV's menu.
2. Select a category from the left side of the screen. Once a selection has been made, the contents of the
selected category appear on the right side of the screen.
3. Select an item from the list. This opens the e-manual on the corresponding page.
If a description doesn't fit on a single screen...
• Position the focus on the page to display / on the screen. Press the
buttons to scroll the
page up and down.
Additional e-Manual Features
Loading Pages using Keywords
Select Search to bring up the search screen. Enter a search term, and then select Done. Select an item from the
search results to load the corresponding page.
Loading Pages from the Index Page
Select Index to bring up the index screen. Select a keyword from the list to navigate to the relevant page.
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