Samsung UN40H5203 Car Satellite TV System User Manual

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• Make sure to plug the power cord in until it is firmly seated. When unplugging the power cord from a wall
outlet, always pull on the power cord's plug. Never unplug by pulling on the power cord. Do not touch the
power cord with wet hands.
• If this apparatus does not operate normally - in particular, if there are any unusual sounds or smells coming
from it - unplug it immediately and contact an authorized dealer or service center.
• Be sure to pull the power plug out of the outlet if the TV is to remain unused or if you are to leave the
house for an extended period of time (especially when children, elderly or disabled people will be left
alone in the house).
Accumulated dust can cause an electric shock, an electric leakage or a fire by causing the power cord
to generate sparks and heat or the insulation to deteriorate.
• Be sure to contact an authorized service center for information if you intend to install your TV in a location
with heavy dust, high or low temperatures, high humidity, chemical substances, or where it will operate
24 hours a day such as in an airport, a train station, etc. Failing to do so may lead to serious damage to
your TV.
• Use only a properly grounded plug and wall outlet.
An improper ground may cause electric shock or equipment damage. (Class l Equipment only.)
• To turn this apparatus off completely, you must disconnect it from the wall outlet. Consequently, the wall
outlet and power plug must be readily accessible at all times.
• Do not allow children to hang on the product.
• Store the accessories (battery, etc.) in a location safely out of the reach of children.
• Do not install the product in an unstable location such as a shaky self, a slanted floor, or a location
exposed to vibration.
• Do not drop or strike the product. If the product is damaged, disconnect the power cord and contact a
service center.
• To clean this apparatus, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and wipe the product using a soft,
dry cloth. Do not use any chemicals such as wax, benzene, alcohol, thinners, insecticide, air fresheners,
lubricants, or detergent. These chemicals can damage the appearance of the TV or erase the printing on
the product.
• Do not expose this apparatus to dripping or splashing.
• Do not dispose of batteries in a fire.
• Do not short-circuit, disassemble, or overheat the batteries.
• There is danger of an explosion if you replace the batteries used in the remote with the wrong type of
battery. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
• This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and
reproductive toxicity.
• Use care when touching the TV after it has been on for some time. Some parts can be
warm to the touch.
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