Samsung UN40H5203 Car Satellite TV System User Manual

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02. Using the Remote Control
Using the Remote Control
STB: Turn the satellite or cable
set-top box connected to the
TV on and off.
Displays and selects the
available video sources.
Returns to the previous
Cuts off the sound temporarily.
Brings up Smart Hub
applications. See the e-Manual
chapter, Smart Features > Smart
Changes channels.
Exits the menu.
Displays the EPG
(Electronic Program Guide).
Displays information on the TV
Turns the TV on and off.
Gives direct access to channels.
Adjusts the volume.
Opens the OSD (Menu).
Displays frequently used
Returns to the previous menu.
Use these buttons according
to the directions on the TV's
Use these buttons in a specific
Use these buttons according
to the directions on the TV's
Moves the cursor, selects the
on-screen menu items, and
changes the values seen on the
TV's menu.
Displays channel lists on the
Press to select additional digital
channels being broadcast by
the same digital station. For
example, to select channel
‘54-3’, press ‘54’, then press ‘-’
and ‘3’.
E-MANUAL: Displays the
SEARCH: Launches the Search
KEYPAD: Displays a virtual
On-Screen Remote on the
screen. See the e-Manual
chapter, Using the Remote
Control and Peripherals > Using
the Samsung Smart Control >
Displaying and Using the On-
Screen Remote
P.SIZE: Lets you choose the
picture size.
MTS: Press to choose stereo,
mono, or Separate Audio
Program (SAP broadcast).
CC: Controls the caption
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