Alpine CDA-9812RR Car Stereo System User Manual

Changer (Optional)
Controlling CD Changer (Optional)
An optional 6-disc or 12-disc CD Changer may be connected to this
unit if it is Ai-NET compatible. With a CD Changer connected to the
Ai-NET input of this unit, the CD Changer will be controllable from
this unit.
Using the KCA-400C (Multi-Changer Switching device) or the KCA-
410C (Versatile Link Terminal) multiple changers can be controlled
by this unit.
See Multi-Changer Selection on this page for selecting the CD
The controls on this unit for CD Changer operation are operative
only when a CD Changer is connected.
The DVD changer (optional) is controllable from this unit as well
as the CD changer.
Press SOURCE/POWER to activate the CHANGER
The display shows the disc number and track number.
The source indicator varies depending on the connected source.
Press BAND/TEL. to switch the Disc mode in the CD/Changer
Press the disc select buttons (1 through 6)
corresponding to one of the discs loaded in the CD
The selected disc number appears in the display and CD
playback starts.
After selecting the desired disc, you can operate in the same way as
for the CD player of this unit.
For details, please see the CD/MP3/WMA section.
If the FUNC indicator (the underlined portion of the FUNC
indicator for CDA-9811R) is illuminated, the disc select buttons
become nonfunctional.
When a 12-disc CD Changer is connected:
To select discs numbered from 1 to 6, the procedure is the
same as for the 6-disc CD Changer. To select discs
numbered from 7 to 12, first press F/SETUP. This changes
the D indicator to d. Then press the desired preset
button. With F/SETUP activated, the preset buttons 1 to 6
will represent discs 7 to 12 respectively.
Select buttons (1 through 6)
Playing MP3 Files with the CD Changer
If you connect a changer compatible with MP3, you can play CD-
ROMs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs containing MP3 files on this unit.
Press SOURCE/POWER to switch to the MP3
Changer mode.
Press any one of the disc select buttons (1
through 6) corresponding to one of the discs
loaded in the CD Changer.
To pause playback, press -/J.
Pressing -/J again will resume playback.
The unit can play discs containing both audio data and MP3 data.
For operating MP3 with an MP3 compatible CD Changer, refer to
CD/MP3/WMA pages 13 to 16.
Multi-Changer Selection (Optional)
Alpine's Ai-NET system will support up to 6 CD Changers. When
operating two or more changers, the KCA-400C (Multi-Changer
Switching device) must be used. If you use 1 Switching device, you
can connect up to 4 CD Changers. If you use 2 Switching devices,
you can connect up to 6 CD Changers. When using KCA-410C
(Versatile Link Terminal), you can connect two changers and two
external outputs (AUX).
Press SOURCE/POWER on this unit to activate
the CD Changer mode.
Alternatively, press SOURCE on the remote control (CDA-
9815RB/CDA-9813R/CDA-9812RX only) to activate the
CD Changer mode.
Press BAND/TEL. on this unit or the RUE-4187 to
activate the CD Changer Selection mode.
The CD Changer Selection mode remains active for 8
Press BAND/TEL. until the desired CD Changer
indicator appears on the display.
Alternatively press BAND/TEL. on the Remote Control
(CDA-9815RB/CDA-9813R/CDA-9812RX only) until the
desired changer indicator appears on the display.
If the selected CD Changer is not connected, the display will show
To operate the selected changer, see CD/MP3/WMA (page 13).
For further details about the external input (AUX) when using
KCA-410C, see Setting the AUX Mode (V-Link) on page 28.