Alpine CDA-9812RR Car Stereo System User Manual

CD insertion not possible.
A CD is already in the CD player.
- Eject the CD and remove it.
The CD is being improperly inserted.
- Make sure the CD is being inserted following instructions in
the CD Player Operation section.
Unable to fast forward or backward the CD.
The CD has been damaged.
- Eject the CD and discard it; using a damaged CD in your unit
can cause damage to the mechanism.
CD playback sound skips due to vibration.
Improper mounting of the unit.
- Securely re-mount the unit.
The disc is very dirty.
- Clean the disc.
The disc has scratches.
- Change the disc.
The pick-up lens is dirty.
- Do not use a commercial available lens cleaner disc. Consult
your nearest ALPINE dealer.
CD playback sound skips without vibration.
The disc is dirty or scratched.
- Clean the disc; damaged disc should be replaced.
Error displays (built-in CD player only)
Mechanical error
- Press c. After the error indication disappears, insert the disc
again. If the above-mentioned solution does not solve the
problem, consult your nearest ALPINE dealer.
CD-R/CD-RW playback not possible
Close session (finalization) has not been performed.
- Perform finalization and attempt playback again.
MP3 or WMA is not played back.
Writing error occurred. The CD format is not compatible.
- Make sure the CD has been written in a supported format.
Refer to About MP3/WMA (page 15-16), then rewrite in
the format supported by this device.
Indication for CD Player
(CDA-9815RB) (CDA-9813R/CDA-9812RX/CDA-9811R)
Protective circuit is activated due to high temperature.
- The indicator will disappear when the temperature returns to
within operation range.
No CD is inserted.
- Insert a CD.
Although a disc is inserted, NO DISC is displayed and the
unit does not start to play or eject the disc.
- Remove the disc by following these steps:
1) Press the c button.
The movable display will open.
2) Press the c button again for at least 3 seconds while the
movable display is open.
Mechanism error.
1) Press the c button and eject the CD.
If not ejecting, consult your Alpine dealer.
2) When the error indication remains after ejecting, press the
c button again.
If the error indication still does not turn off after pressing
the c button for a few times, consult your Alpine dealer.
When “ERROR” is displayed:
If that the disc cannot be ejected by pressing c, press the RESET
switch (refer to page 6) and press c again.
If the disc still cannot be ejected, consult your Alpine dealer.
(CDA-9815RB/CDA-9813R/CDA-9812RX only)
A copy-protected WMA file was played back.
- You can only play back non-copy-protected files.
(CDA-9815RB/CDA-9813R/CDA-9812RX only)
The disc is not written in a MP3/WMA supported format.
- Use a disc written at the MP3/WMA supported format.
Indication for CD Changer
(CDA-9815RB) (CDA-9813R/CDA-9812RX/CDA-9811R)
Protective circuit is activated due to high temperature.
- The indicator will disappear when the temperature returns to
within operation range.
ERROR - 01
Malfunction in the CD Changer.
- Consult your Alpine dealer. Press the magazine eject
button and pull out the magazine.
Check the indication. Insert the magazine again.
If the magazine cannot be pulled out, consult your Alpine
Magazine ejection not possible.
- Press the magazine eject button. If the magazine does not
eject, consult your Alpine dealer.
ERROR - 02
A disc is left inside the CD Changer.
- Press the eject button to activate the eject function. When the
CD Changer finishes the eject function, insert an empty CD
magazine into the CD Changer to receive the disc left inside
the CD Changer.