Kenwood KDC-BT558U Car Satellite Radio System User Manual

Data Size: B6L (182 mm x 128 mm)
Book Size: B6L (182 mm x 128 mm)
SiriusXM® Radio
If a locked channel or a mature channel (
is set to
) is selected,
a pass code input screen appears. Enter the pass code to receive the channel.
To change the tuning method for S / T: Press K SEEK.
Each time you press K SEEK, the tuning method switches between
“CHANNEL” (manually search for a channel) and “PRESET” (searches for a
preset channel of the selected band).
To store a channel of the current band: Press and hold one of the number
buttons (1 to 6).
To select a stored channel of the current band: Press one of the number
buttons (1 to 6).
Direct Access Tuning (using RC-406)
(except for
1 Press DIRECT to enter Direct Access Tuning.
2 Press the number buttons to enter a channel number.
3 Press S / T (+) to start searching.
• To cancel, press or DIRECT.
• If no operation is done for 10seconds after step
2, Direct Access Tuning is
automatically canceled.
SiriusXM Replay™
Press and hold K SEEK (or K on RC-406).
Replay starts from the live position and “
” lights up.
During Replay...
To pause or resume playback, press 6 IW (or press ENT IW on
To skip the current song backward/forward, press S / T (or press
S / T (+) on RC-406).
To rewind/fast-forward, press and hold S / T (or press and hold
S / T (+) on RC-406).
To exit from Replay and go to live, press and hold K SEEK (or press and
hold K on RC-406).
1 Connect the optional SiriusXM Vehicle Tuner (commercially
2 Activate the subscription through
activatenow or call 1-866-635-2349.
The Radio ID is required to activate the SiriusXM Vehicle Tuner.
The Radio ID is located on the label of the SiriusXM Vehicle Tuner
and can also be shown on the unit’s display window when you
select “Channel 0” after SiriusXM Vehicle Tuner is connected.
For users in Canada: To activate SiriusXM Canada service go to and click on “ACTIVATE RADIO” in the top right
corner, or call 1-877-438-9677.
3 Press B SRC to select SIRIUSXM to start updating.
Start listening
Press B SRC to select SIRIUSXM.
2 Press JBAND repeatedly to select a band.
3 Press .
” lights up.
4 Turn the volume knob to select a category, then press the knob.
If “ALL CHANNELS” is selected, all the available channels will be
5 Turn the volume knob to select a channel, then press the knob.
Press S / T to search for a channel manually.
• Pressing and holding S / T changes the channel rapidly.
Expansion port on
the rear panel
SiriusXM Vehicle Tuner
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