Kenwood KDC-BT558U Car Satellite Radio System User Manual

Data Size: B6L (182 mm x 128 mm)
Book Size: B6L (182 mm x 128 mm)
Symptom Remedy
Sound cannot be heard. • Adjust the volume to the optimum level.
• Check the cords and connections.
“PROTECT” appears and no
operations can be done.
Check to be sure the terminals of the speaker wires are
insulated properly, then reset the unit. If this does not
solve the problem, consult your nearest service center.
• Sound cannot be heard.
• The unit does not turn on.
• Information shown on the
display is incorrect.
Clean the connectors.
( 2)
The unit does not work at all. Reset the unit.
( 3)
The Auto Power Off function
(that turns the power off after
20minutes when in standby
mode) does not work.
Make sure
is selected for
( 4)
• Radio reception is poor.
• Static noise while listening to
the radio.
• Connect the antenna firmly.
• Pull the antenna out all the way.
“NA FILE” appears. Make sure the disc contains supported audio files.
“NO DISC” appears. Insert a playable disc into the loading slot.
“TOC ERROR” appears. Make sure the disc is clean and inserted properly.
“PLEASE EJECT” appears. Reset the unit. If this does not solve the problem,
consult your nearest service center.
Disc cannot be ejected.
Press and hold
to forcibly eject the disc. Be careful
not to drop the disc when it is ejected. If this does not
solve the problem, reset the unit.
( 3)
About iHeartRadio
• iHeartRadio® is a third-party service, therefore the specifications are subject to change
without prior notice. Accordingly, compatibility may be impaired or some or all of the
services may become unavailable.
• Some iHeartRadio® functionality cannot be operated from this unit.
About Bluetooth
• Depending on the Bluetooth version of the device, some Bluetooth devices may not be able
to connect to this unit.
• This unit may not work with some Bluetooth devices.
• Signal conditions vary, depending on the surroundings.
• For more information about Bluetooth, visit the following website:
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