Kenwood KDC-BT558U Car Satellite Radio System User Manual

Data Size: B6L (182 mm x 128 mm)
Book Size: B6L (182 mm x 128 mm)
To Do this (on the faceplate) Do this (on the remote control)
Turn on the power
Press B SRC.
• Press and hold to turn off the power.*
Press and hold SRC to turn off the power.
( Pressing SRC does not turn on the power. )
Adjust the volume Turn the volume knob. Press VOL
or VOL .
Press ATT during playback to attenuate the sound.
• Press again to cancel.
Select a source
Press B SRC repeatedly.
Press SRC repeatedly.
Change the display
Press DISPSCRL repeatedly.
• Press and hold to scroll the current display information.
( not available )
* For
: The power will automatically turn off after 20minutes when in standby mode (Auto Power Off).
How to resetAttach Detach
Remote control (RC-406)
(except for
Volume knob
Detach button
Display window
Pull out the
insulation sheet
when using for the
first time.
Your preset
adjustments will also
be erased.
How to replace the battery
Remote sensor (Do not expose
to bright sunlight.)
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