Pioneer DEH-P5200 Car Stereo System User Manual

Using Multi-CD Players
Disc Title
Disc Title Input (TITLE IN)
You can input Titles up to 10 letters long for up to 100 discs. Using this function lets you
easily search for and select a desired disc for play. (You can store ITS program and Disc
Title data for up to 100 discs in memory.)
1. Play the disc you wish to input the disc title.
2. Select the Disc Title Input mode (TITLE IN) in the Detailed Setting Menu.
(Refer to page 16.)
When playing a CD TEXT disc on a CD TEXT compatible Multi-CD player, you cannot switch to
this mode.
A CD TEXT disc is a CD featuring recorded text information such as Disc Title, Artist Name and
Track Title.
Titles remain in memory, even after the disc has been removed from the magazine, and are recalled
when the disc is reinserted.
After the titles for 100 discs have been entered, data for a new disc will overwrite the data for the
disc that has not been played back for the longest time.
You can display the disc title of the disc currently playing. For details, refer to “Displaying Disc
Title” on page 26.
5. When you have completed title
input, make the 10th letter
flash, then memorize by press-
ing the 3 button.
4. Move the box left and right
with the 2/3 buttons.
3. Select letters, numbers and
symbols with the 5/ buttons.
To insert a space, select the flashing
cursor “_”.