Pioneer DEH-P5200 Car Stereo System User Manual

Non Fading Output Level Adjustment (NON FAD)
When the Non Fading output is ON, you can adjust the level of Non Fading output.
You can select the Non Fading Output setting mode only when Non Fading Output is switched ON
in the Non Fading Output ON/OFF mode.
High Pass Filter (HPF)
When you do not want sound in the Subwoofer output frequency range output from the
front or rear speakers, switch the High Pass Filter ON. Only higher frequencies than those
in the selected range are output from the front and rear speakers.
When the F.I.E. function is ON, you cannot switch to the H.P.F. mode.
Front Image Enhancer Function (FIE)
The F.I.E. (Front Image Enhancer) function is a simple method of enhancing front imaging
by cutting mid- and high-range frequency output from the rear speakers, limiting their out-
put to low-range frequencies. You can select the frequency you want to cut.
Continued overleaf.
When the F.I.E. function is deactivated, the rear speakers output sound of all frequencies, not
just bass sounds. Reduce the volume before disengaging F.I.E. to prevent a sudden increase in
3. Select the desired frequency
with the 2/3 buttons.
50 += 80 += 125 (Hz)
2. Switch the H.P.F. function
ON/OFF with the 5/ buttons.
1. Press the AUDIO button and select the H.P.F. mode (HPF) in the Audio
2. Increase or decrease the output
level with the 5/ buttons.
The display shows “0” – “–15”.
1. Press the AUDIO button and select the Non Fading Output setting mode
(NON FAD) in the Audio Menu.