Pioneer DEH-P5200 Car Stereo System User Manual

CD Player and Care
Play only CDs bearing the Compact Disc Digital
Audio mark.
This product is designed for use with conventional,
fully circular CDs only. Use of shaped CDs are not
recommended for this product.
Check all CDs before playing and discard cracked, scratched or warped discs.
Playback by this product of a CD-R disc recorded on a CD recorder may not be possible
due to characteristics of the disc, scratches or dirt on the disc, or dirt or condensation on
this product’s optical pickup lens.
Read the precautions with the CD-R discs before using.
Wipe dirty or damp discs outward from the center
with a soft cloth.
Avoid touching the recorded (iridescent) surface when handling discs.
Store discs in their cases when not in use.
Keep discs out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Do not affix labels or apply chemicals to discs.
Condensation may collect inside the player when using the heater in cold weather, inter-
fering with playback. Turn it off for an hour or so and wipe damp discs with a soft cloth.
Road shocks may interrupt CD playback.
Built-in CD Player’s Error Message
When problems occur with CD playback, an error message appears on the display. Refer
to the table below to identify the problem, then take the suggested corrective action. If the
error persists, contact your dealer or your nearest PIONEER Service Center.
Message Possible cause Recommended action
ERROR- 11, 12, 17, 30 Dirty disc. Clean the disc.
ERROR- 11, 12, 17, 30 Scratched disc. Replace the disc.
ERROR- 14 Unrecorded CD. Check the disc.
ERROR- 10, 11,12, 14, Electrical or mechanical Turn the ignition ON and OFF, or
17, 30, A0 problem. switch to a different source, then back
to the CD player.
HEAT CD player overheating. Discontinue play until the machine
temperature drops.